Caribbean Cooking Made Easy

Have you ever tried Tropical Cooking? I do. Tropical Cuisine taste great too. If you are not very familiar with it, here's Tropical Cooking Made Easy.

Many people are not so familiar with this cooking style. In Tropical Cuisine Made Easy, the author, Maria Perez introduces readers to the simple, fresh flavors of traditional Caribbean cuisine. The book is great because it is with refreshing recipes, personal anecdotes, and a full-scope glossary, readers will learn to prepare delicious tropical meals that feature healthy ingredients and set the clean, sultry dishes of the Caribbean on their own table. Perfect for everyone that is wanting to learn this yummy style cooking.

Did you know that the ingredients in the recipes are a blend of the heritage behind the people of the Island of Puerto Rico: Spanish, Indian, and African? The recipes in the book, welcome you to explore a world of tropical cuisine full of flavor and zest. You will love it and your family will too. In Tropical Cuisine Made Easy, you will find easy-to-make exotic dishes. Yes! all delicious recipes like Pigeon Peas Rice, Galician Broth, Paella, Spanish Style Pork Roast, Piononos, Spanish Style Steak With Onions and the sinful delightful Spanish Custard dessert. The mentioned dishes are just a few of the many succulent recipes in this book. The author has detailed course from cocktails to salads to deserts. Learn how easy to cook exotic Caribbean dishes! Check out Tropical Cuisine Made Easy, at

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