Financial Health

Are you financial healthy? Everyone needs to learn the basics and take the right steps toward financial health. We take care of our body, eat healthy food to stay healthy, and to keep our health in proper balance, one has to consider being financially healthy as well because, let's face it, money is important to survive. With the economy getting harder and harder, the lack of money create stress in our life. It adds worries, stress and pressure. We need to empower ourselves to meet our financial goals. We need to manage our finances tighter and handle budgeting and credit issues responsibly. It's time to establish a monthly budget and think before we make a purchase and cut down unnecessary purchases. I usually use supermarket coupons and discounts too to help cut down expenses. Even those little coupons from food boxes in the groceries and recipe booklets sure helps a lot. I know, it's easier said than done and I know many people learned the hard way. For those people that are struggling to manage their debts, there is Credit counseling that helps find a way out. You can check your bills IQ and see if you're financially fit at and got 88% B. I guess that's good. How about you? What's your bills IQ?

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