Have you or any of your friends undergone Lasik procedure? I have a bad eyesight but I haven't because I'm scared of the procedure and the possible complications after the surgery. But I heard about the newest upgrades of what Lasik technology offers and heard that my fears are just myths. A lot of people have been praising the tremendous effects of Lasik procedure. My brother's officemate just recently had the procedure and was so thankful that he go for it. He recovered fast and resume his work happy. I can see how much easier it is for him now not having a bad vision and not wearing thick corrective eye glasses at work. My brother keeps telling me to get Lasik procedure too. I sure want to get back good eyesight, I'd probably go for Lasik in San Francisco at Laservue because they have the experts, skilled and reliable eye surgeons. Aside from that, since I cannot afford it the pay in one payment, I can take advantage of their affordable monthly payment program. It's easy because I don't have to pay for down payment, and they zero interest. Just perfect for me. share delicious corner post

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