National Phone Registry

Are you looking for an information about certain phone numbers? Getting informations about the owner of certain phone numbers is now easier with the National Phone Registry. The site is very helpful in finding important informations about any phone number including unlisted phone numbers. This is an awesome site to check prank calls, and other hard to find cell phone owner information.

You just have to search their database of landlines, cell phones and unlisted phone numbers. When you punch in a phone number, and click search, you will get results about the details of that phone number, the type of phone (whether it's landline or mobile), the owner's available informations like the owner's name, address, and background report, and the phone carrier information. I tried to look up on our home phone number, just to show you how organized the search result looks. See the picture on the left. Instead of showing our home phone number, I changed it purposely to the text telephone number here.

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