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A friend of mine was looking for a reliable relocation company. I recommended ABF U-Pack Moving because I heard a lot of good reviews about the said company from hundreds of satisfied customers. Not only that ABF is far more less expensive than a full service mover, ABF picks your stuffs up and delivers it to the new location. Customer just loads and unloads their stuffs. The service is great.

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Anonymous said...

This seems like pretty solid advice. I found another posting where the suggest ABF as well. Oddly enough it was on a green site called Green Moving Guide. Apparently the person who used the also used a company called, which explains the green part. I ended up booking with ABF with the suggestion of this blog and a few others. So far so good. I also ordered boxes from that used box company and saved a ton of money and the boxes came the next day. If you are an "mature" person like myself who has issues driving around diving for boxes. this is the place to go.