Spring Flowers

Pear Trees Mean Spring
Pear trees bloom

Spring has sprung. The Pear trees along with the other trees and flowers has started having their leaves and blooms again but I haven't bought any new flowers for our garden yet. Everyday, I visit the garden and check if my perennial plants has come back. I see some of them has grown back but there are also a couple of them who has not shown any sign of showing up. I guess we killed some, when we sprayed weed killer last time.

The garden sections of Home Depot and Lowes, two of my most favorite stores have already displayed many beautiful flowers and vegetable plants. I had problems last year when winter frost came, I had a hard time covering all my new flowers. Some of them got affected by the cold .It's so tempting to buy new annuals and more perennials but I'm holding on until after Easter. Maybe then the last winter frost is over. share delicious corner post

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