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One of my mom's favorite is cheesecake. This delicious cake with cheesy flavor is also my sweetheart's fave. The only problem is, he is diabetic. He told me that using some sugar free does not taste near as good. I agreed because I noticed that too in some other cakes baked with substitutes. The flavor is slightly different and the textures as well. As much as possible, I try to avoid buying a ready to eat cheesecake in the market, but once in a while, I do just to satisfy his and my cravings. I am glad to find some Cheesecake Recipes for diabetics online. I am hoping to try them soon, so I can just serve it for my husband without worrying of his blood sugar level. has a diabetic cheesecake recipe. Another site that posted a cheesecake recipe for diabetics is You can also find one at Just click on the link to visit those website mentioned above.

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