Glitter only helps on Valentine's Day

Guest post written by Emily Lawson

I have quite the little craft station in my home. I've always loved making things, although I'm not as ambitious as I used to be when I was younger. I have a job and kids to take care of now instead of just sitting around and crafting all the time. So I thought that I would do something special for my daughters and make them some nice little valentines with all of my craft supplies to really fit their personalities.

I looked online to get some ideas about what I should do with their valentines and while I was doing that I saw information on debt counseling options. I bookmarked it to come back later to so my husband could see it too because we're in a tough financial spot and really need to actually do something about it.

I made one of them with a unicorn that of course had a sparkly horn! Hannah is obsessed with unicorns. While I made the other one with a soccer ball on it for Alyssa. She loves soccer almost as much as she loves glitter!
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