Cooking a romantic steak dinner together

Guest post written by Charlotte Gibbons

Instead of just going out to dinner for our anniversary this year, my husband and I decided to do something that we hadn't done in a long time. We decided to fix dinner together. I miss back in the old days before we had kids when we would work together on fixing a half-way decent meal. Most of the time we actually did that years ago because we couldn't afford to go out to eat very often.

Well now, we can actually afford to fix some steaks at home, so we went all out for our anniversary dinner. I also used our to find recipes for some really good sides and a tiramisu recipe for dessert.

Our romantic steak dinner was so great and most of the fun was actually cooking all of it together. I even went to the trouble of dressing up nicely so to make it a little more special. I didn't want to wear lounge clothes and make the dinner feel like it isn't special. Plus, we had some great leftovers for the day after. share delicious corner post

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