City Life

Content by Mauricio Benson

Moving to the city has been one of the best experiences of my life. I feel like I have really grown as an individual and it has been extremely nice to get to know people who’s fundamental beliefs are different than mine. Even though it is drastically different than what I am use to I feel like the overall experience has been great and I know that it has caused me to become a better person. The thing I love the most about living in the city is the wide variety of restaurant selections being so conveniently located to everything. When I get a craving for Chinese food it’s nice to know that I can walk two minutes up the road and have five different varieties of Chinese food. Ultimately, I see myself living back in the small town were I grew up but I feel that this time of trying something new will really expand the way I look at eh world around me and I know that will make me a better person. Just yesterday I was looking online for some fresh ideas of things to try and I stumbled across direct tv and I know this is something else I can try. Now if somebody could do something about all this traffic the city life would be more than amazing. share delicious corner post

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